The Future of Luxury

Uncategorized / Monday, February 5th, 2018

Different people define luxury in their ways. For some, it’s gold faucets and bathroom fixtures. For others, the ideal luxury holiday homes Perth include a view, a butler, and a bath the size of a bed. There are others who think luxury comes in comfort, in being able to forget your cares and worries.


Of course, like all other things, luxury is being affected by the march of technology. More and more jobs are being automated, and that includes a few luxury functions.


Perhaps if one defines luxury as having as little to do as possible while still getting what you want, then automated holiday homes are the next big step.


Consider never needing to call out for food again, because you can have a computer in the house do it for you. Coffee makers that regulate factors such as temperature and time when the cup is brewed based on your activities. These are just some of the automated touches available.


Some technologies can make real luxuries even more so. It’s just a natural part of the way tech develops. New equipment and ideas are expensive because they have to recoup the cost of the development somehow. The best way to do this is to present them as luxury items.


As the technology integrates better into existing things, the luxury items fuse with others. Baths that can regulate their temperature based on your body heat. Lights that can dim or brighten based on ambient conditions.


Perhaps the most significant luxury development is one that takes its cues from modern technology: device control.


More and more people are relying on portable electronics to do everything. Having a centralised device for functions like calling, web browsing, and even gaming is a massive trend in technology. It’s not caught on to homes yet.


At least, not by much. Some luxury homes, owned by the rich or available only to those who can pay high prices, have entire dwellings controllable with a touch of a button. Swipe to open windows. Tap to adjust the temperature of the climate control.


It’s a brave new world out there, and technology is leading the charge into the world of luxury.


Of course, as the science progresses, these things become more readily available. People figure out how to make them cheaper, increase the market who can afford them. For now, however, they remain a gilded dream.

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